Making the Right Friends Along the Way

My colleague Greg Allen keenly points out the value of Community in helping you in your video journey in his blog, Don’t Walk Alone – Developing an Enterprise Video Communications Community. He offers some great suggestions on where to look for connections. Let’s talk a little more about who you want to walk with you on your great video journey.

Like Dorothy in the Land of Oz, you will find yourself on a new path; and if you are the business champion you’ll be leading the parade. You and your companions will be constantly confronted with new challenges and problems to solve that will move you further down the yellow brick road. But, unlike Dorothy, you need to find friends who already have their brains, heart and courage well developed.

Who to look for

One of my favorite Facebook memes shows this quote, “these aren’t grey hairs, they’re WISDOM highlights!” Look for thought leaders; those Wizards who have been in Oz a long time and have lots of stories to tell. They are willing to share best practices as well as how to avoid the potholes. Look for them in online communities and user group connections that Greg mentions in his post.

Next, look for the passionate people. They have the heart for doing the best work in the field and often they are doing the most work. You can learn how to make the video experience fun and rewarding for your leaders from people with heart. They can show you how to tell compelling stories with video and how to make sure people see them.

People who are on the cutting edge and trying new things with their enterprise video are the courageous ones. Ask them how they got their management to buy in and support video in their enterprise, and support experimental efforts in new technology.

Questions to ask

The new friends you meet on your journey can help you answer key questions that will confront you along the way. Some of them you’ve probably heard before, but you need answers that are specific to you and your organization. For example, there’s the old favorite, how do I prove ROI? That question has some new answers when you start looking at how your video initiative can save bridge line fees and avoid travel costs. At Kollective, we can help you figure this out and get good numbers that accurately reflect your ROI potential.

If your company is just getting started with video, some good questions to ask yourself first are:

  • What is this video work exactly?
  • Are your executives looking for fresh ways to communicate to employees?
  • Does your sales team want to use video in their customer communications?

Determining exactly what you want to use video for and agreeing on the results you’re looking for will also feed back into the ROI answer.

Now poll your new friends and see how their operations are set up. Study what roles are needed, think about who will fill them in your organization, and collect ideas on how your team will do the work. The cost of entry into video production continues to get lower and it isn’t necessary to load up on equipment. Video production is easy to contract out at first so you can get an idea of costs and common practices. Kollective Event Services is ready to help you with your live streaming events with best practices and onsite support.

Share your story

In my new role as Sr. Director of Enterprise Video Strategy at Kollective, I’m bringing my deep experience in video production and management to our Customer Success and Customer Experience teams to help you find your community and help you ask the right questions. Our customers are doing good work in the field right now and we’re sharing their stories.

At Kollective, it’s our mission to help you solve your enterprise video delivery challenges. We want to hear what your challenges are and how we can help you find the right community of friends to travel with on your video journey.



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