Critical Analytics At Your Fingertips With Kollective IQ

According to Gartner, “CIOs globally ranked analytics and business intelligence as the most critical technology to achieve the organization’s business goals.” Ventana Research found that many capabilities still not available include predictive analytics & visualization.  

These data points act as the pillars for our new analytics product, Kollective IQ. Kollective IQ is the most sophisticated delivery management performance dashboard for the enterprise. We’ve provided easy access to the data you need, that’s visually appealing and gives your network and communications teams actionable insights.    

No matter your role within an organization, you can quickly access information most relevant to you. In this post, we’ll begin to explore four new benefits of Kollective IQ.  

Event Analyzer Dashboard

Our event analyzer dashboard provides users with network-focused visibility so that they can view historical data from any specific event as well as seeing what is happening during an event in real-time. This provides invaluable insight across the company, allowing IT teams to monitor bandwidth, CEOs to see how many people tuned into their latest company update, and communications professionals to see how effective video content is proving across different offices or departments. 

Dashboard Drill Downs

Every tile in the dashboard is now drill-able, allowing users to pinpoint where there were buffering issues, slowdowns or glitches. This enables users to drill down into data from months, weeks or even a specific live event. Intelligent keywords also makes it possible for users to analyze multiple events based on the same theme. 


Kollective IQ’s new report-export features, data visualizations and search filters mean that users can easily and rapidly explore or download the data that matters most to them. Export the reports or your entire dashboard into a PDF, as a CSV or you can send it directly through email. You can even schedule automated future reports. Your metrics that matter are no longer locked in a single system and you can use any of these export actions to get your data into any other BI solution you are using. 


Tile-based ToolTips and real-time help features have been incorporated into Kollective IQ, providing users with useful information and handy tips to help them navigate the dashboard and make the very most of their data. 

Analytics and business intelligence are critical to your organization’s success. With the Kollective IQ insights dashboard, you have the functionality and versatility at your fingertips to tell a story of your network, from bandwidth savings to individual event experience. 

If you’d like to see how to create your own custom reports or dig into any of these dashboards more, please register for our webcast or sign up for a personalized demo at:



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WINDOWS 7 のサポート終了に関するレポート


Microsoft は2020年1月14日、Windows 7 に対するサポートを正式に終了します。それにも関わらず、43%もの企業がいまだにこの古いプラットフォームを使用しているのです。企業が Windows 10 への移行からいかにかけ離れているか、また、移行における課題を学び、IT 部門のリーダーに WaaS に備えたソフトウェア配信戦略が必要な理由を探りましょう。

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