Top 5 Considerations in Selecting a Field Trial for SCCM Acceleration

If you have come to the realization that SCCM is the right tool for your support of Windows 10, you may also have come to the conclusion that you will need to find a way to scale it to meet the hyper deployment schedule of WaaS.  The question remains – where do I begin?  The list below may help you focus your efforts and efficiently determine your path forward.

Here are the top 5 elements you may want to consider en route to proving the best alternative:


1. Is it something I can prove easily? Quickly? Discreetly? Free?

If you like kicking the tires before alerting half your organization, relative anonymity may be the answer for you.  Look for field trials that allow you to be self-directed and don’t require you to provide your zodiac sign to get started.  Why introduce unnecessary complexity out of the gate? Simple, fast, discreet and free is a logical place to begin.

2.  Will I be actively supported with dedicated help when I need it?

Self-directed doesn’t have to mean going it alone.  Even experts need other experts to validate assumptions and clarify new elements.  Look for a trial that includes support when you need it and only when you need it – your direction and your control.

3.  Can I try the product unrestricted to ensure meaningful proof?

Most people would agree that driving the car around the lot is far too basic to allow for a meaningful decision.  Getting a “sense” of something is not the same as “proving” it. Document your use cases and be prepared to demand reasonable concessions for meeting them. When it comes time to defend your decision internally, you will have the proof you need.

4.  Is there an on-premise requirement or can I simplify with a cloud-alternative?

Hardware, network or software acceleration? There are pros and cons, but if you are considering a software-based solution, try the one that doesn’t still require an on-premise server just to fully test the product.  The complexity and time associated with on-premise alternatives should only be a choice once you have tested lower complexity options. Cloud-based solutions not only test faster, but also form the basis of truly centralized control when the testing is complete.
Start here.

You may find that answering these simple questions up front narrows the field rapidly, allowing you to determine the right starting point to prove, implement and move on with your SCCM acceleration project.



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