In today’s dynamic digital landscape, the transformative potential of cloud applications and services is widely acknowledged. However, what often escapes the spotlight is the pivotal role played by the underlying network infrastructure in realizing these digital ambitions.

Take connectivity as an example. In recent years, the workforce has witnessed a shift, with a significant portion adapting to remote or hybrid work. Surprisingly, recent research reveals that many executives find their home connectivity superior to that in corporate offices. This necessitates a rethinking of the narrative surrounding the return to traditional offices.

To lure employees back to the workplace, it’s imperative to equip these spaces with cutting-edge technology that ensures efficient work and access to essential tools. While perks like amenities and wellness programs have their place, efficient work trumps all.

Executive town halls remain essential in 2023 for transparent communication, engagement, and alignment within organizations. They provide real-time updates, employee feedback, and crisis management. In the era of remote work, they foster strong connections between leadership and the workforce, promoting culture and professional development. However, network infrastructure remains crucial as organizations deploy a diverse array of high quality communication tools, platforms and devices across various locations. Effective collaboration is no longer just operational; it’s a key to success. This surge in video communication demands greater network bandwidth, driving IT executives to explore Kollective’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network (ECDN).

Simplifying Live Video with Kollective and BT

The importance of effective live events calls for a fresh perspective on network capacity and design. Kollective and BT offer expertise in delivering dependable network infrastructure services globally. From design to user adoption, we help build the network and infrastructure that bring your digital workplace strategy to life.

  • BT’s industry-leading technology capabilities and proven track record with network infrastructure provide a secure and scalable approach to modern work
  • With BT’s Virtual Event services, organizations rest easy by running seamless, effective online events using Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex and other leading video platforms
  • Combining BT’s digital workplace and collaboration solutions with Kollective’s smartECDN creates a resilient collaboration framework that connects global workforces, boosts engagement and reduces cost and complexity

Network infrastructure is the unsung hero in today’s digital transformation and hybrid workforce era. Its role in enabling seamless connectivity and supporting high-quality collaboration cannot be overstated. Organizations that recognize this and strategically invest in their network infrastructure lead the way in shaping the future of work.

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