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Instant | Universal | Intelligent

Real-Time User Monitoring enables you to rapidly identify and resolve network issues as they arise. It empowers your network and IT teams to make faster, more informed decisions and affords your business greater operational flexibility. Live event data flows directly into our user-friendly diagnostic dashboards. Always-on AI-powered anomaly detection runs silently in the background during events and provides live alerts when unexpected network behavior is detected.

User Experience Perfected



Receive live alerts when aberrant behavior is detected on your network.


Elevate Viewer Experience

Optimize delivery and user experience by responding to issues in real-time.


Enhanced Data Exploration

Quickly access key event metrics or drill down to explore the data in detail.

Performance by Location

Use Kollective's Delivery Map to swiftly identify issues with stream quality at specific locations. Explore performance quality at country, city, and external-IP levels to determine which offices or areas of your network require assistance.

Monitor Stream Quality

Track event performance in real time through the Quality of Experience (QoE) dashboard. Leverage the interactive Reach by QoE chart to see which users are suffering from poor experiences.