In today’s rapidly changing work landscape, the concept of hybrid work has emerged as a powerful force, redefining the way we collaborate, communicate, and connect. As organizations navigate this new era, finding the right tools and technologies to optimize and scale hybrid work is crucial. Kollective’s partnership with Webex by Cisco is opening the doors to a new era of video-based collaboration while delivering optimization, observability, scale, flawless user experiences, real user monitoring, location trend analysis, and AI-based anomaly detection.

The ‘Front Door’ to Hybrid Work Collaboration

Imagine video-based collaboration as the “front door” to your organization’s hybrid work strategy. Kollective and Webex by Cisco have joined forces to provide a robust and comprehensive solution that caters to the evolving needs of businesses worldwide. This partnership is all about optimization and scale in the realm of hybrid work, making it easier than ever for teams to connect, collaborate, and thrive, whether they’re working from the office, home, or anywhere in between.

Observability and Scale for Flawless User Experiences

One of the key challenges in hybrid work is ensuring a flawless user experience for every team member, regardless of their location or device. Kollective and Webex by Cisco excel in providing observability and scale to address this challenge effectively. With real user monitoring capabilities, organizations can gain deep insights into how their teams are using collaboration tools, identify potential issues, and proactively optimize the user experience.

Real User Monitoring and AI-Based Anomaly Detection

Real user monitoring is not just about keeping an eye on performance; it’s about understanding how collaboration tools impact your team’s productivity. Kollective, in partnership with Webex by Cisco, offers real user monitoring solutions that empower organizations to measure the impact of their collaboration efforts, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven improvements.

But that’s not all. With AI-based anomaly detection, the partnership takes observability to the next level. Imagine having an intelligent system that can detect and respond to unusual patterns of behavior within your collaboration environment. This capability not only enhances security but also contributes to a smoother user experience by proactively addressing potential issues before they impact productivity.

Location Trend Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

In the world of hybrid work, understanding location trends is paramount. Kollective and Webex by Cisco provide location trend analysis tools that help organizations make informed decisions about remote and office work strategies. By analyzing data on where and how employees collaborate, you can tailor your hybrid work approach to maximize efficiency and engagement.

Global Hybrid Work Events with Ease

Whether you’re hosting large-scale virtual events, team meetings, or small group collaborations, Kollective and Webex by Cisco have you covered. Their partnership ensures that you can scale your hybrid work events effortlessly, offering a seamless experience for participants from all corners of the globe. Say goodbye to technical hiccups and hello to a world of productive collaboration.


In a world where hybrid work is becoming the new norm, finding the right solutions to optimize, scale, and monitor your collaboration efforts is essential. Kollective’s partnership with Webex by Cisco opens the ‘front door’ to video-based, hybrid work collaboration, combining observability, scale, flawless user experiences, real user monitoring, location trend analysis, and AI-based anomaly detection into a comprehensive package. As you navigate the future of work, consider how this powerful partnership can empower your organization to thrive in the era of hybrid work collaboration. Embrace the future today and open the doors to endless possibilities.

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