Kollective’s SVP of Product, Garrett Gladden, and VP of Global Technical Solutions, Neal Lauther, recently joined Cisco’s Kevin Adamson and Taryn Montero on the Webex Partner Podcast to discuss our groundbreaking new partnership. In this blog post, we will dive into the highlights from their conversation. You can also stream the podcast in its entirety here.

Video Optimization and Observability

Video has become the go-to communication tool for businesses worldwide. However, ensuring that your network operates efficiently so that every person receives a flawless, uninterrupted stream is challenging for any business. Regardless of which front-end video solution your business uses, Kollective optimizes video collaboration while providing ai-powered observability tools to help you get the most out of your network.

Optimizing Video Collaboration Across Any Network

It’s critical that your users can access video content efficiently, no matter where they are on your network. Traditional content delivery mechanisms struggle to ensure seamless playback, particularly in large offices, remote areas, and bandwidth-constrained locations. Kollective’s smartECDN solves this by determining the best delivery method in real-time for each user on your network, ensuring that all employees receive a high-quality video stream. This level of reliability is essential for maintaining alignment and building a collaborative workforce.

Video Observability to Inform Decisions and Perfect Your Network

Your workforce is more distributed than ever, making it difficult to guarantee high-quality video experiences for every employee. To ensure productivity and collaboration across your organization, a fresh approach to video monitoring is essential – one that provides complete visibility from user endpoints to any front-end video solution.

Kollective’s Video Collaboration Observability solution makes it easy to perfect your network and deliver optimal user experiences. AI-powered anomaly detection automatically flags aberrant behavior on your network, while suggestive analytics provide recommendations to remedy any issues that arise. These are only a few of the features customers unlock with Kollective’s smartECDN – read more about Video Collaboration Observability.

The Flexibility of Choice: Webex and Beyond

According to a 2022 Cisco survey, 85% of businesses use two or more virtual meeting platforms. Whether your business uses Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Kaltura, or any other leading front-end provider, Kollective’s advanced SDK integrates in minutes and is rapidly deployed across your entire organization.